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Database Design

Database Design is one of the core category of courses and services that we provide. The following Database courses are offered:
   - Microsoft Access DBMS
   - MS SQL Server Database Management - Level I
   - MS SQL Server Database Management - Level II
   - Oracle Database Management - Level I
   - Oracle Database Management - Level II
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Computer Programming

We provide training in Java, C#, Visual Basic, C/C++, Python, VBA, Excel Programming, etc. Usually, components of the programming syllabus are: (a) problem-solving; (b) design of solutions; (c) coding, debugging & testing; (d) object-oriented programming design; (e) documentations
   - Introduction to C# Programming
   - Introduction to Visual Basic Programming
   - Introduction to Programming in Java
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Web Design

Our web development course curriculum includes both client-side and server-side authoring tools like HTML, JavaScript, CSS, ASP.Net, PHP, MySQL, etc. Ultimately, we facilitate the design of fully responsive sites that can be viewed beautifully on whichever device one chooses to use.
   - Basic Website Design with HTML
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